So help us build it.

Let's face it. We're not the sexiest thing in town. We've gone by a few different names, we don't do a good job putting ourselves out there and we're something your mentor insists you should try but doesn't bother showing up to.

How do we get better? We shake up our membership. Get some new blood in there. Look for people with fresh ideas who are willing to make a difference.

That's why for one month only, we're offering a $30 membership (normally priced at $125) for anyone under the age of 30. Freelancers, Jr. Copywriters, Editors, Account Coordinators, Media Planners... whoever. As long as you're someone who wants to help shape the Phoenix advertising community through AAF.

We are only accepting the first 50 entries, so get out your credit card (or your CFO's) and join for just $30 today.

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