Creativity Collaboration Community

Our Mission

To elevate creativity, community, and collaboration in the Phoenix advertising community.

AAF Phoenix has united leaders of the advertising industry since 1937. Fast forward to today, our advertising landscape is evolving, and so are we. AAF Phoenix dedicates itself to elevating the profile of Phoenix as a preferred market for top-tier talent and kick-ass work. As a club, our members are deeply involved in advertising standards programs, advertising education, government relations, college educational programs, the ADDY Gala Awards, and many other activities geared toward the enhancement of the ad industry in Phoenix. We also host networking events and of course, the occasional over-the-top theme party. Who doesn’t love the 80s and a good sweatband?

As people, we are coffee fiends, self-proclaimed comedians, dog lovers and last but not least, fierce advocates of every individual in the Phoenix ad community. Affiliated with the American Advertising Federation, we are part of a larger network of leaders from across the country, who together, help set industry standards and celebrate members’ achievements. AAF Phoenix is a driving force behind making our Valley something to talk about.