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Event Details:

This is your chance to see how your work stacks up. And to make faces when someone wins an ADDY for an idea you totally had last year but it never made it past client review round 19.

American Advertising Awards 2024

Date: March 8, 2024

Location: The Fairmont Princess

We are accepting entries now!

Entry Pricing

Early bird pricing is available 12/31

Member pricing:

  • Single: $100/$105
  • Campaign: $150/$155

Non-Member Pricing:

  • Single: $185/$205
  • Campaign: $265/$285

Student Pricing:

  • Single: $25/$30
  • Campaign: $45/$50

Late Fees will be applied after January 11th.

Award Event FAQ

While we hope the American Advertising Awards entry process is straightforward we know there are always questions, especially from smarties like you. If there’s anything we didn’t answer, use the button at the bottom to contact us directly.

When is the entry deadline?

January 11th, 2023

What are the entry fees?

Early Bird pricing available until December 31, 2023!

Early Bird Member Pricing:
$100 Single / $150 Campaign 

Early Bird Non-member Pricing:
$185 Single / $265 Campaign

Member Professional – $105
Member Professional Campaign – $155

Non-Member – $205
Non-Member Campaign – $285

Student – $30
Student Campaign – $50

Being and AAF Phoenix Member saves me money?

Yes, being a member of AAF Phoenix has all kinds of benefits! And yeah, a big one is saving money on ADDY entries. Make sure your membership is up to date before submitting.

Am I already a Member? Or, how can I become a Member?

Our friendly Executive Director Justine can answer all membership-related questions and get you signed up.

Learn how to become a member here: https://aafphx.com/become-a-member/

Where can I pick up my entry sleeves?

This year, there is no need!  This year’s competition will be completely digital.  SO, no physical entries need to be submitted.

Where do I turn in my physical entries?

This year there will be no physical entries to turn in.  Just be sure to make your photo uploads the best they can be for the judges.

Do I need a physical entry form?

All entries will be submitted and judged digitally.  Extra spaces for photo uploads have been made available when you submit your entry.

Can I include a written description of my piece along with my entry sleeve?

Only certain categories allow you to submit written or video descriptions in varied lengths, please refer to the category descriptions in the Rules and Categories. Links below:

Professional Rules and Categories

Student Rules and Categories

Should my entry be branded?

Remove identifying information about the entrant from the face of an entry. No branded labels or other materials which may reveal the identity of the entrant/agency may be used, except where necessary in self-promotion categories.

Where can I find a copy of the Rules and Categories?

Rules & Categories

For rules and categories please click the links below.

 If you have any additional questions please reach out the Justine Newland at info@phxadclub.com.

Professional Rules & Categories

Student Rules & Categories

Submit Your Entry

You must have an account to submit an entry. If you don’t have an account, one can be created when you click on the buttons below for the Professional or Student entry you plan to submit. Logged in users may also click these to submit additional entries. To access the Judges Portal, you will need to use the credentials sent to you by AAF National.

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